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Slika observatorija zahod

In 2009 the Astronomical  and  Geophysical  Observatory   celebrates   50th   anniversary. Established   at the   initiative of   prof.   Dr.   Fran   Dominko   as   the first   university   with the mission   to set the conditions   for the   development of the Slovenian   professional   astronomy.   Founders of the  observatory   have established   the first   Slovenian   astronomical   library ,   developed measurement   methods   of classical   astronomy ,   pinpoint the   geographical   location of the observatory , established the   exact time   job   and   began to publish   astronomical   ephemeris.   The Observatory   has   received   from   the University of   the   seismic   instruments   that   have enabled   later under the   leadership of   prof.   dr.   Vladimir   Ribarič   developed   seismological   part of   which   is kasnje   become part of   the Environmental Agency.   The astronomical   part of the   teaching remains the   foundation   of the Faculty   of Mathematics   and   Physics at the University.   On   him   to generations of   students   of astronomy ,   physics   and   mathematics   perform   monitoring   projects   and   thesis.   The Observatory   continued update   equipment and techniques   of observational astronomy ,   in   2004,   opened   a modern   70-cm   telescope   Vega ,   which is   the result   of local knowledge   and technology.

Historical overview

Prof. dr. Fran Dominko (1903-1987) was the founder of the Astronomical Observatory at theGolovec and the first professor of astronomy at the Department of Astronomy, University ofLjubljana, which was founded in 1948.

Gradnja observatorija

Construction of Astronomical Geophysical Observatory at the Golovec hill near Ljubljana was carried out in 1954-1959. Firstly, a li adapts existing building, extension to the existing buildingwas completed in 1956. This was followed by the construction of relatively complexobservatorijskega ing work. as a key pillar of the telescope is a fundamental and separate from the building.

In 1958 he built a 5.5meter dome which was founded in 1960 mounted 16cm refractorASKANIA, which is mainly used for observations of the Sun. Construction of 5.5meter domesummer 1958, he was at that time a complex technological undertaking.

Completed Building Observatory (clip from the beginning of the 60s). The Observatory beganwork in 1959. It was divided into two sectors, Astronomical and Geophysical common to theservice of determining and maintaining accurate time. From there, his namegeophysicalAstronomical Observatory. The manager became dr. Fran Dominko.

Most of the astronomical observatory instruments received from the Astronomical Observatoryin Belgrade. Wartime Yugoslavia won the instruments from Germany, as part of war reparationswhich Germany was required to pay an ally after World War I. In Figure refractor AscaniaBamberg D = 17cm f/15 constructed around 1905.

In the years 1982-1990 was developed in the AGO first computer-controlled telescope.Telescope SchmidtCassegrain type with a diameter of 25 cm mirror was originally equippedwith a photomultiplier for the photometry of stars. In 1990, equipped with modern CCD camerato record the various facilities and accurate photometry of stars. By the year 1992 has beeninstalled in pavilion, then the dome of the observatory and has been in use for students to worktil 2004. In Figure telescope on high-tech exhibition in Trieste Alpe Adia 1995th.

Teleskop VEGA in sodobna opazovanja

Telescope Vega was created as a result of cooperation between local experts from the Facultyof Mathematics and Physics and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana andthe enterprise Litostroj. The main mechanical parts have been manufactured in Litostroju, inKladivarju hydraulics, electronics and software to the FMF in the manufacture of precisioncomponents are involved in Adžaga sp and Vacutech d.o.o. Optics telescope was made in a factory in Russia, LOMO, optical tube is a product of Astrooptik from Germany. Assembling andequipping the telescope at the observatory took place from August 2003 to May 2004, when thefirst observations were made .

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