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Astrodebata: Optical High Time Resolution Astrophysics with Aqueye+ and Iqueye

Astrodebata: Optical High Time Resolution Astrophysics with Aqueye+ and Iqueye

V sredo, 16. maja ob 13. uri bo imel Luca Zampieri (INAF – Astronomical Observatory of Padova) Astrodebato o spremenljivih objektih v kontekstu meritev v optičnem delu svetlobnega spektra, s poudarkom na pulzarjih. Predavanje bo v predavalnici F2 v stavbi fizike na Jadranski 19. Vljudno vabljeni!

Optical High Time Resolution Astrophysics with Aqueye+ and Iqueye

Luca Zampieri

INAF – Astronomical Observatory of Padova

Our team at the University of Padova and the INAF-Astronomical Observatory of Padova is engaged in the design, construction and operations of instruments with very high time accuracy in the optical band for applications to High Time Resolution Astrophysics and Quantum Astronomy. I will report on recent technological developments and scientific results obtained within the framework of this project, focusing in particular on optical pulsars.

Jérôme Novak: Pulsar glitch dynamics in general relativity

Jérôme Novak: Pulsar glitch dynamics in general relativity

V četrtek, 29. marca ob 11. uri bo imel Jérôme Novak (French National Centre for Scientific Research, Pariz) Astrodebato o motnjah v vrtenju pulzarjev, do česar pride zaradi prenosa vrtilne količine med različnimi “tekočinami” znotraj nevtronskih zvezd. Predavanje bo v predavalnici P.05 v stavbi matematike na Jadranski 21 (učilnica zraven Mafije). Vljudno vabljeni!

Pulsar glitch dynamics in general relativity

Jérôme Novak
French National Centre for Scientific Research, Pariz

Pulsar glitches are commonly interpreted as angular momentum transfers occurring between two fluids present in the stellar interior, triggered by the rapid motion of superfluid vortex lines at large scales. We consider for the first time all general relativistic effects in a numerical model for glitches. First, we show numerical calculation of stationary configurations of neutron stars composed of a neutron superfluid and a fluid made of charged particles, spinning with different rotation rates. These general relativistic calculations are based on realistic equations of state accounting for entrainment effects between the fluids. These configurations are then used to build a numerical model for pulsar glitches in full general relativity.

In particular, we study in details the characteristic time scale associated with the spin-up stage, during which the stellar dynamics are governed by a mutual friction force arising from the interactions between the superfluid vortices and the surrounding fluids. Taking general relativity into account leads to an additional coupling between the fluids through frame-dragging effects and is shown to affect significantly the actual value of the spin-up time scale.

Absorber model of the intergalactic medium

Absorber model of the intergalactic medium

Vid Iršič: Absorber model of the intergalactic medium

V četrtek, 21. decembra ob 12. uri bo imel Vid Iršič (University of Washington, ZDA) Astrodebato o absorpciji svetlobe v medgalaktičnem prostoru ter pripadajočem modelu, ki opisuje razporeditev snovi v zgodnjem vesolju. Predavanje bo v predavalnici F7 na Jadranski 19. Vljudno vabljeni!

Absorber model of the intergalactic medium

Vid Iršič
University of Washington, ZDA 

The last two decades have seen tremendous progress in cosmological hydro-dynamical simulations and their uses to simulate the gaseous environment of the intergalactic medium. Primarily through the Lyman-alpha forest as the statistical tool of choice, the state-of-the-art simulations have ushered the intergalactic medium to an era of precision cosmology to rival large galaxy surveys. 

While they have allowed us a much more precise estimation of cosmological parameters, deeper understanding of the interplay of physical processes involved in the intergalactic gas has been lagging behind. This can be attributed to lack of any successful analytic model that would in its final result preserve the inherent difference in the cosmological and astrophysical growth (or suppression) of structure.

I will present a new semi-analytic model of the Lyman-alpha forest clustering, where the transmitted flux is split into contributions from discrete absorbers, tracing the underlying matter fluctuations. The model conveys intuitive perspective into the building blocks of the absorption signal, offers a tool to construct new, optimally-weighted, statistics, and provides a unified framework in which many current systematic effects can be estimated (metal absorption, high-column density systems, etc.).

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