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Our research interests include discovery and characterization of the first stars and galaxies in the young universe, physics and evolution of stars and the Galaxy (including binary and multiple stars) and the physics of the interstellar and intergalactic medium. We are also studying physics of eruptive phenomena on our Sun and physical characterization of clusters of galaxies.

Professor Maruša Bradač won the prestigious European Reseach Council (ERC) grant for research of the young universe, mostly using the new James Webb space telescope.

We are active members of several international astronomical collaborations, including RAVE, Gaia-ESO, GALAH, Gaia, 4MOST, Athena, SDO and JWST, which collect enormous amounts of observations of stars and galaxies.

Astronomical observatory of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Golovec is devoted to observations by our students. A certified observations control room at the observatory enables remote observations worldwide – currently we are using it to observe with telescopes in Italy (Asiago) and in Australia (Siding Spring).

The group is very active in science outreach. Besides a daily translation of the astronomy picture of the day, we are hosting open days and evenings at the observatory on occasion of equinoxes and solstices. Every second Thursday of a month we are organizing a public lecture on a burning research topic for a more demanding audience. Weather permitting, both activities are concluded with a public observation of night-sky phenomena.