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Links to useful astronomical webpages (with a brief description):
Astronomical publications archives

  • Astrophysical Data System allows searching for astronomical publications.
  • arXiv is an archive of astronomical preprints and scientific papers that are freely available.

Astronomical databases

  • VizieR is the most complete database of astronomical objects, collecting data from more than 9000 catalogues.
  • Skyview is a virtual observatory allowing the search trough a multiwavelength sky.
  • SIMBAD is a database of astronomical objects beyond the Sloar system.
  • Aladin is a virtual sky atlas that displays digitalized astronomical images. It is connected to SIMBAD and VizieR catalogues.
  • Digitalized Sky Survey data.
  • Heavens above contains data of transits of artificial satelites, International Space Station etc.
  • Spaceweather site contains updated information about Solar activity and Earth-related events.

Fulldome technology

  • The Fulldome Database is a collection of information about fulldome technologies, focused on fulldome shows, events and news for a broad interested community (see the About section).