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Astronomical library

University of Ljubljana
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Physics department
Astronomical observatory

Address: Pot na Golovec 25, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: +386 1 2301704
Open: Monday – Friday 10h – 14h

The chair of astronomy as well as the Astronomical Library have been established at the University of Ljubljana in 1948 under the leadership of the late prof. dr. Fran Dominko. He was great bibliophil and spent most of the chair’s budget for books on astronomy and related sciences. Some of the library initial materials were obtained from the Astronomical Observatory at Belgrade (mostly book duplicates) or bought from the local second-hand bookshops.

The present collection of the Astronomical Library contains some 4000 books and about 3500 volumes of periodicals, covering all fields of astronomy and astrophysics. There are 31 periodicals currently received, including all the main astronomical journals and popular magazines.

Since 1995, the library is a regular member of national Cooperative Online Bibliographic System and Services (COBISS). The library catalogues and databases are accessible through theCOBISS database


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