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Our research group

Our research interests include the physics and evolution of stars and the Galaxy, including binary stars and physics of interstellar and intergalactic medium, investigations of gamma ray bursts.

The research group is working within the framework of the research programme Astrophysics and physics of the atmosphere, and other projects (notable have been RINGO, RAVE, and ELSA), including proejcts of the European Space Agency to develop spectroscopic techniques for the mission Gaia. We’ve been contributing to the Centre of excellence The group is contributing to the projects Radial velocity experiment, Hermes/GALAH, and Gaia-ESO. There is a tight collaboration with the Astronomical observatory in Trieste, with Astronomical observatory and the University of Padua, and with our former members now working abroad (Anže Slosar, Andrej Prša, Jurij Kotar, Paola Re Fiorentin and Gal Matijevič).

Our students at the Faculty and wider are taking advantage of our coverage of many scientific topics in the area of astrophysics. Students are making regular observations at the Faculty’s Astronomical and geophysical observatory at Golovec near Ljubljana. The group is very active in science outreach. Open days and evenings at the observatory are a regular quarterly event at the beginning of spring, summer, autumn and winter.